Robin Munshaw

robin I am a full-time research technician working the Palen lab as a technical assistant for multiple collaborative projects, and as a lead investigator on a range of spatial ecology projects.

I started my career in the Palen Lab in 2009 as a volunteer sorting macro-invertebrates from stream drift samples, but had my first opportunity to pursue my own research when working as a field assistant in 2010. While my initial forays into the world of science were very species-specific investigations into ecological processes at the habitat-level, my current interests are focused around correlative modelling at larger spatial scales. I am currently working on several projects that utilize species distribution modelling and geospatial climatic data to examine current and predicted future trends in species distributions and associations.

My goal is to pursue a graduate degree that uses monitoring data to parametrize and test models that attempt to parse the effects of climate change and other perturbations on natural systems.


W.I. Atlas, W.J. Palen, D.M. Courcelles, R.G. Munshaw, and Z.L. Monteith (2013). Dependence of stream predators on terrestrial prey fluxes: food web responses to subsidized predation. Ecosphere 4(6) PDF

R.G. Munshaw, W.J. Palen, D.M. Courcelles, and J.C. Finlay (2013). Predator-driven nutrient recycling in California stream ecosystems. PLOSONE 8(3) PDF

R.G. Munshaw, W.I. Atlas, W.J. Palen, D.M. Courcelles, and Z.M. Monteith (In press). Correlates and consequences of injury in a large predatory stream-dwelling salamander (Dicamptodon tenebrosus). Amphibia-Reptilia

A.A. Gerick*, R.G. Munshaw*, W.J. Palen*, S.A. Combes, and S.M. O’Regan (2014).  Thermal physiology and species distribution models reveal climate vulnerability of temperate amphibians. Journal of Biogeography. *Authors share equally in first authorship. PDF


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