Our group of researchers working on the ecology and conservation of aquatic communities.

Wendy J. Palen

Associate Professor, Aquatic Conservation  (Download CV)

PhD 2005: University of Washington, Zoology and School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, Seattle, WA

Contact: (778) 782-4063

Email me: wpalen AT

Rylee Murray

PhD candidate

Thermal physiology, wetland and stream ecology, population and invasion dynamics

Email me: ryleem AT

Griffin Dare

MSc candiate

Vulnerability of alpine amphibians to water loss and climate change

Email me: gdare AT

Danae Shephard

Undergrad Research Assistant

Effect of Run-of-River hydropower operations on habitat availability and bioenergetics of Tailed frog tadpoles.

Email me: danae.shephard AT

Juan Rodriguez

Undergrad Research Assistant

Modelling  the dispersal of alpine amphibians in Mount Rainier and Olympic National parks as a function of distance and number of occupied habitats.

Email me: juan_rodriguez AT

Lab Alumni

Alessandra Gentile (Research Assistant)

Kara Hall (Undergrad Research Assistant)

Gavia Lertzman-Lepofsky (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Katie Goodwin (Undergrad Research Assistant)

Chloe Reid (Research Assistant)

Robin Munshaw (Research Technician)

Fiona Beales (Undergrad Research Assistant)

Danielle Courcelles MSc (Undergrad Grad Honours and Research Assistant)

Andrew Boxwell (Undergrad Research Assistant)

Michael Arbeider (Undergrad Research Assistant)

Maureen Ryan (Post Doc)

Zach Monteith (Undergrad Honours)

Sacha O’Regan (MSc)

Jodie McCormick (Research Assistant)

Aly Gerrick (Undergrad Research Assistant)

Will Atlas MSc

Hannah Gehrels (Undergrad Research Assistant)

Isabel Eischeid

Greg Lee (UGrad Honours)

Kathrine Stewart (UGrad Honours)

Beth Nyboer (Lab Manager and Research Assistant)

Brett Favaro (UGrad Honours)

Jessica Ingram (UGrad Honours)

Jennifer Jones (Research Assistant)

Adam Goodwin (Research Assistant)

Ranjan Muthukrishnan (Research Assistant)

Jackie Carter (UGrad Honours)

James Stegen (Research Assistant)