Janie Dubman

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For my Masters I focused on understanding and predicting how animals respond to landscape-scale anthropogenic disturbances. I developed a way of applying commonly used species distribution modeling tools to smaller, regional scales and to do so in a more ecologically informed way. I was also involved in work which aimed to identify, and aid in mitigating, conflicts between biodiversity and future energy development in British Columbia.

My other research interests include mammalian life history evolution, especially the drivers and correlates of maternal investment in different species. I am also very interested in tropical rainforest ecology, conservation and ethnobotany.



T. Schwander, S. Vuilleumier, J. Dubman, and B. Crespi (2009). Positive feedback in the transition from sexual reproduction to parthenogenesis. ProcB (277):1686   PDF

J. Dubman, M Collard, and A. Moores (2012). Evidence that gestation duration and lactation duration are coupled traits in primates. Biol Lett (8):6   PDF


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