Purnima Govidarajulu, B.C. Ministry of the Environment

shapeimage_16Barb Beasley, Assoc. of Wetland Stewards, Clayoquot Sound

shapeimage_19Jacques Finlay, Univ. of Minnesota

shapeimage_20Thomas D. Sisk, Northern Arizona Univ.


Craig Orr, Watershed Watch Salmon Society


Anne Salomon, SFU Resources and Environmental Management


Michael J. Adams, USGS and Oregon St. Univ.

mikeadamsKen Lertzman, SFU Resources and Environmental Management

KenphotoJeremy Venditti, SFU Geography

jv_golden_gateAlan Hamlet, Notre Dame

hamletLara Hansen, EcoAdapt

laraMary Ruckelshaus, The Natural Capital Project

shapeimage_21Joshua Lawler, Univ. of Washington


Daniel E. Schindler, Univ. of Washington, SAFSshapeimage_7Joshua Malt, BC Ministry of Forests Lands Natural Resource Operations

JoshMalt-200Mary E. Power, UC-Berkeley, Integrative Biology

shapeimage_10Bill Dietrich, UC-Berkeley, Earth and Planetary Sciences

billD-leveledCraig E. Williamson, Miami University, OH

shapeimage_3Henry M. Wilbur, Univ. of Virginia

wilburMike Limm, Univ. of Minnesota

shapeimage_12Blake Suttle, Imperial College-Silwood Park

index-leveledSarah J. Kupferberg, Questa Engineering, UC-Berkeley

shapeimage_6Amy Lind, US Forest Service, Davis

shapeimage_4Brice X. Semmens, NOAA Fisheries, Seattle

shapeimage_9Christine Bishop, Environment Canada

shapeimage_17Mark D. Scheuerell, NOAA-Fisheries, Seattle

shapeimage_5Emily Burns, Save the Redwoods League

shapeimage_13Jon W. Moore, Simon Fraser University

jonhair-leveledMonika Winder, UC-Davis, Lake Tahoe

shapeimage_8Jackie Carter, Univ. of Washington, SAFS

shapeimage_18Erica J. Crespi, Washington State University

crespi_picLeslie J. Rissler, Univ. of Alabama

rissler-filteredChris C. Wilmers, UC-Santa Cruz

icon_100x100_WlmersJohn D. Schade, St. Olaf College

droppedImageJill R. Welter, St. Catherine University

shapeimage_11Camille McNeely, Eastern Washington University

shapeimage_22Martin Tsui, Univ. of Michigan

Joseph Arvai, Univ. of Calgary

ArvaiTad Homer-Dixon, Univ. of Waterloo

Homer-Dixon2Mark Jaccard, SFU Resources and Environmental Management

Jaccard_largeNancy Baron, COMPASS



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