Work by the Palen Lab featured in the Tacoma News Tribune

Rob Carson and Dean Koepfler from the Tacoma News Tribune have produced a great multi-media piece on how climate change is affecting Mt. Rainier National Park. The story highlights some of the work that the Palen lab is doing to explore the consequences of a changing climate for high-elevation amphibians in the Pacific Northwest.


Ian Holmes from Island Radio interviews Rylee Murray about bullfrog invasions in BC

American bullfrogs have been invading British Columbia’s south coast and Vancouver Island wetlands since the 1940’s. They are fierce predators and competitors of wetland fauna and have been attributed to declines of native amphibian populations and ecosystem degredation in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Although researchers and government wildlife managers are still unsure…


New Paper in Frontiers: Ampibians in the climate vise

A new paper published by Mo Ryan and colleagues in Frontiers of Ecology and the Environment proposes a hypothesis for how climate warming in lakes and ponds of the mountains of the US Pacific Northwest may be adding insult to a century of injury for native amphibians. Non-native trout were widely introduced throughout the Mountain…